Vkusvill Llc

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  • Country:Russian Federation
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  • Address :Kulakova str., 20/1, 10th floor, premises V, room 1, Moscow, Russian Federation

Company Information

Some raw numbers about us:- 670 stores in 11 cities in Russia, including Moscow and Saint Petersburg;- 1 million customers each week;- 1 new store opens almost every day;- 2 distribution and storage centers in Moscow working 24/7;- 800 tons of goods sold every day;- Vkusvill works with over 580 suppliers, including both large plants and small-scale manufacturers.Most of the goods are manufactured specifically for the Vkusvill brand. 95% of the goods are produced in Russia. The main criteria of product selection:- impeccably clean and transparent list of ingredients;- no artificial dyes or flavors;- no artificial preservatives, taste improvers, or othernon-healthy additives.